Glycopathology: Glycans in Cancer

Starches are principally considered as main source of essential resources and energy for living beings. Current modern study’s in this zone has dedicated mainly on simple basic sugars and homopolysaccharides such as, starch, cellulose, glycogen, and chitin. During the last few decades, the scientists have changed their concentration on complex forms like carbohydrates, especially proteoglycans, glycolipids and glycoproteins which are collectively denoted to as glycoconjugates that displays the possible recognition markers in the biological system which also relays to other biomedical and clinical fields. The roles of glycans and glycoconjgates in cancer have been highlighted, because minor changes in glycosylation can enormously control the whole pathway and mechanisms of cancer, which leads to an indication as a biomarker development leading to various therapeutics developments in cancer research.

  • Carbohydrate biomarkers
  • Protein biomarkers
  • Protein biomarkers
  • Protein mapping
  • Glycotherapeutics and biomedicine
  • Glycotherapeutics and biomedicine
  • Protein profiling

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